Since 2000 Dave Getz has taught drumming and rhythm classes at the following places:
Sir Francis Drake H.S. (2001)
College of Marin (2002-3)
San Andreas HS (2003)
SunnyHills-Braun School (2004-present)
White Hill Middle School (2005)

Private Instruction  

Private lessons are available by appointment either on a lesson by lesson basis or on a monthly schedule. Please contact me at

My Teaching Philosophy

I teach all levels of drumming, beginning to advanced.  My approach includes technique: rudiments, reading, touch, coordination, independence, speed, accuracy, etc,  as well as rhythmic development: pulse, patterns, different styles, odd meters, groove, etc.

I try to help each student in the areas of drumming that they are most interested in developing and are most likely to practice and give the time and energy to, but I also believe it’s important for a teacher to direct a student to aspects of their drumming that need development that they might be less aware of.

Over many years of teaching I have developed several methods of practice that facilitate the process of learning and absorbing new material; these methods are objective and very specific and are particularly effective for acquiring seemingly difficult drumming skills.  

My ultimate goal as a teacher is to help each student reach their greatest potential.