Cheaper Thrills. LP, 1983
Made to Last Records
Produced by Dave Getz
Price $50

Cheaper Thrills

Long out of print this album has a four page insert with liner notes by Dave Getz and many rare, pictures of Big Brother with Janis from the very early days.

This is the very first recording of Janis with Big Brother. Most of it is from a performance of July, 1966.

Signed by Dave Getz.



New Drum Sticks Signed.
Price $35. Price Includes Shipping and Handling


Signed Drumsticks
Just like the ones in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Dave Says: "That collection is no longer up but I was # 9 and if you ever saw that huge ‘Mandala’ of sticks at the HOF you may know that there was a special plaque by Peter Lavinger, the man who collected all those sticks, thanking me for inspiring the collection: “It wasn’t until drumstick #nine a signed stick from family friend and Janis Joplin drummer Dave Getz that the collection addiction kicked into place”."

Signed Drumhead     Played on by Dave Getz with Big Brother and The Holding Company

Signed Drumhead
Price  $50 to the US and $60 to Foreign Countries
Price Includes Shipping and Handling



Dave and Janis
Price $100


Dave and Janis

High quality laser reproduction of early Janis and Dave Getz picture taken by Bob Seidemann in Lagunitas, California in the summer of 1966.

This is signed by Dave Getz and bears the original Big Brother and Holding Company Embossed Stamp*, from 1967 pressed into the lower right hand corner of the paper, Only available from this site.

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