Welcome to Dave Getz Art pages! Here you will find some of Dave's original artwork.
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Colorado Series

Floating Ribbon

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Portrait of Janis Joplin
Dave's Violin

About My Art :

Pattern, rhythm, color, the fluidity of line, the ambiguity of space and time and the way light creates form are the things in art that have always ‘pushed my buttons’. I am always moved by the way things are depicted (as opposed to the way they appear to the lens of the eye) particularly by artists who are untrained and unsophisticated in the ways of ‘style”.

This fascination was what lead me to create my ‘shoe’ portraits which were inspired by 1930’s shoe catalogues and the idea that shoes (being one of mankind’s first vehicles) are, in some way as much as cars, projections of our goals and dreams.

I know that in my more abstract work rhythm and pattern and fluidity play important roles in the message of each image, undoubtedly this carries over from my being a drummer. Drumming can be expression of the sensuality of rhythm and I want this aspect of rhythm to come through in my work.